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Please note that we are not currently conducting presentations. Lights for Learning’s program year ended May 31, 2015. Please check back periodically for updates about the next program year. We will reach out to interested organizations once program activity starts back up again. Thank you!

Questions? Call us at (800) 465-6045 or email [email protected] today!


In-school presentations, energy fairs, and open house events are facilitated by a Lights for Learning® (L4L) presenter who:

  • Conducts an interactive slide presentation featuring information about:
  • renewable and alternative energy sources,
  • making smarter choices for a healthier planet,
  • saving energy through reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • Offers hands-on lighting demonstrations.
  • Educates participants on the features and benefits of the ENERGY STAR® program.
  • Presents samples of all the products available through the fundraiser portion of the program.
  • Reviews practical, money-saving home energy tips and discusses the science of climate change, its consequences, and possible solutions.

Lights for Learning presenters provide hands-on materials and information about:

  • energy efficiency,
  • energy conservation, and
  • the features and benefits of energy saving technology.

Sign up or contact a L4L representative for more information.